Camping Tips & Tricks: Poison Ivy, Saving Space and Comfort at the Campsite

Foam Floor Tiles: Easy installation for a softer, more comfortable tent floor:

Looking to add cushion to that exterior awing/screen room? Simple foam floor tiles may fit the bill. Easy to setup, these soft “area rugs” provide a barrier from the hard ground as well as comfort for sleeping.



Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac: Information and how to spot them on the trail:

Poison Ivy usually has three broad, spoon-shaped leaves or leaflets (“Leaves of three? Let it be!”), but it can have more. It may grow as a climbing or low, spreading vine that sprawls through grass (more common in the eastern United States) or as a shrub (more common in the northern United States, Canada, and the Great Lakes region).

Poison oak has leaves that look like oak leaves, usually with three leaflets but sometimes up to seven leaflets per leaf group. It grows as a vine or a shrub. Poison oak is more common in the western United States, but it is also found in the eastern United States and, rarely, in the Midwest.

Poison sumac has 7 to 13 leaflets per leaf stem. The leaves have smooth edges and pointed tips. Poison sumac grows as a shrub or small tree. It is found in wooded, swampy areas, such as Florida and parts of other southeastern states, and in wet, wooded areas in the northern United States.

WikiHow: How to Identify Poison Ivy »



Take your favorite Java brew on the road using coffee filters and dental floss:

A simple Coffee filter tied with Dental Floss can be a great space saver and effective way to bring your favorite coffee on the road. Once at the campsite, no prep work is needed, simply until the floss and you are ready to go.



Make Jacket/Parka zippers easier to grip and zip:

Adding a key ring to the zipper will allow easier handling. This will be very useful when camping in cold weather and are wearing gloves or mittens.



Pre-Make Your Pancakes:

You won’t have to worry about spoiled milk or eggs if you pre-make your pancake batter. Put it in sealable plastic zip lock bag and freeze them. Can be used as a makeshift ice pack or simply thaw for cooking.

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