Camping Tips and Tricks: Preserving Food and other Knick-Knacks

Cook all your hot dogs at once


If you don’t have a grill and want to cook all your hot dogs at once, all you need is a rake.

Forgo the meat marinade and put the rosemary right on the coals


Once the coals are uniformly gray and ashy, cover them with fresh rosemary branches. Your meat and vegetables will be flavored with the taste of savory herbs.

Line Your Pie Iron with Foil


This makes for quick and easy cleanup.

Pre-make and vacuum seal some of your food at home


This will keep your food fresher for longer.

Never lose your keys in water again


Attach your keys to a cork. This is essential if you’re boating.

Forgo pasta for a quick-cooking alternatives like polenta, quinoa, or couscous


Polenta is especially versatile because it can be shaped into patties and pan-fried for a sweet or savory meal.

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