Camping Tips and Tricks: First Aid and Fire Safety

Assemble a Camping/Travel Emergency Kit:

For many of us early in life we learned the importance of safety and simple forms of first aid care. Emergencies are not something any of us want encounter on our travels, however being prepared with a simple first aid kit can go a long way in helping to turn a bad situation better until more help can arrive. Here are a few simple things to bring with on your next trip that can help when these situations arise:

A Basic first aid kit including bandage supplies (assortment of sizes), antibiotic creams to treat wounds, necessary medications, a small knife, small pair scissors and roadside signal flares. See example below

  • Pack a lighter or water resistant matches, a hand crank camping lantern or LED flashlight and extra batteries.
  • For longer excursions or when traveling into more primitive countryside protect yourself from the elements with a reflective survival blanket, rain poncho, hand warmers, a whistle and small mirror to signal for help.
  • Finally, water purification tablets, a collapsible water storage container and an extra tarp and nylon filament or cord should round off your list of emergency essentials.

Adding these items to your next camping expedition can go a long way to keeping you safe and prepared for those unexpected emergencies.

Campfire Safety: Preventing Forest Fires


The Universal symbol and pastime of a camping trip is a warm Campfire. Sixty-plus years after his creation by USDA Forest Service, National Association of State Foresters, and the Ad Council, Smokey [the] Bear still offers simple wildfire prevention rules:

  • Dig a small pit away from overhanging branches. (Most parks have campfire pits ready and waiting for you.)
  • Circle the pit with rocks or be sure it already has a metal fire ring.
  • Clear a five-foot area around the pit down to the soil.
  • Keep a bucket of water and a shovel nearby.
  • Stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire.
  • After lighting, do not discard the match until it is cold.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended, not even for a minute.

Always remember one small ember is all you need to start a forest fire. Make sure to use the above guidelines when enjoying this universal pastime this camping season.

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