Are You on Thin Ice & Tips on What to Do if You Fall In

Although it’s not technically winter yet, the cold has certainly settled in and is here to stay. While you’re out exploring the winter wonderland with your Little Guy, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

Here we look at ice safety tips and what to do if you fall in

Beware of Thin Ice

You may know what activity you have planned in mind for the day, but it’s just as important to know the thickness of the ice in the area. Remember, ice that looks thick enough for one activity may not be thick enough for another. This may include ice skating, snowmobiling or a variety of other activities.

Camp Smart: Make sure if the ice is 2 inches or less, stay as far away as possible!

Have All the Right Tools

Although you may be aware of the thickness of the ice surrounding you, be aware that accidents can always happen. Make sure to always wear a life vest or other flotation device if you plan any activity on the ice.

In addition to your life vest, you or someone in your party should always have ice picks on them.  We can’t stress enough the importance these small tools have! In the event that you do fall into the water, these can help pull you to safety.

Worst Case Scenario, You’ve Fallen In

Although it is obviously scary to fall through, try your best to remain as calm as possible. You’ll allow yourself the focus needed to escape safely.

Take a look at the vital steps below:

  • Don’t try to shed any clothing. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, leaving your heavy layers on may create extra warmth, and even an air pocket.

  • Head back to the area where you fell in if you feel as if you’ve drifted

  • You need to get as much of your body out of the water. To accomplish this, use your ice picks to help pull as much of your body as you can onto the ice.

  • Kick your feet and dig the ice picks in to pull yourself out.

As soon as you’re out, get to a source of warmth as soon as possible. Have fun outdoors this winter, but remember to stay safe while doing so!

If you know of any other valuable tips, make sure to comment below!

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