7 Gifts for Happy Campers

The holidays are finally here and it’s time for Santa to do a little shopping. Unless everyone on your list is writing letters to Mr.Clause or using Pinterest, it’s hard to guess what people want. Don’t stress our elves over at Little Guy have compiled a gift list that fits any budget

1. Coleman Chair Adult Quad with cooler

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one in this padded and comfortable camping chair. Did we mention it has a cooler attached to keep your beer cold? At $39.95 this is a small price to pay for luxury.

2. Portable Solar Charging System

Here is one for the tree -huggers on your list. Now they can take the Little Guy off the grid and keep their cell phone and other electronics charged with these solar panels. Prices range from $395-$795.

3.  Glamping Acrylic Cup

Your gal pals are going to love this blinged out acrylic cup. At $12.00 you can stuff it with some nail polish and a miniature of vodka for a cute gift.

4. Space Heater

Baby it’s cold outside, but this space heater will keep you warm. This light, small, steel heater has a built in thermostat control and automatic shutoff just in case. Ringing up at $64.95 you can ring in the new year by taking the Little Guy out of hibernation and going cold camping.

5. Cover

You tuck yourself in at night, but what about your Little Guy? Do you leave it outside alone and exposed to the elements? Don’t feel bad, get him an all weather slip cover that will protect him from the elements. Prices range from $195 – $535 depending on the teardrop trailer you own.

6. Teardrop Tablecloth

Every table needs a setting even if it’s a picnic table. This teardrop tablecloth is cute, easy to clean and a steal at $7.95, can you say stocking stuffer?

7. T@B Visor

While your portable solar panels are charging your electronics in the sun, it may be difficult to find some shade. If you have a T@B this easy to install visor will provide you with the right amount of shade to protect you from the sun. At $239 the only question you have to answer is, what color?

Break out the wrapping paper, scissors and tape, because now that your gift list is complete you have a lot of work to do.

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