We Love Our Little Trailer. It is a Blast to Own.

We had never really talked about owning an RV, but then one day we saw a teardrop trailer, I think it was online or TV somewhere and that got us thinking, so we started looking for more information online, that is when we came across the Little Guy website and fell in love with the retro stylings of the Silver Shadow.

We researched a dealer location and back in 2014 there was only one about an hour away, and he did not stock them, we emailed and told him what features we were interested in and he provided the price and time frame to special order it, well it was a bit out of our price range so we told him we would think about it, during that time we watched YouTube videos on the products, it seemed like I got to know Chris Baum personally I watched him so much, well a short time later the dealer emailed and said he has a friend who owns another dealership in Colorado, and he just happened to have a model that had been in his showroom on display with the exact features we were looking for and it was 4k less than the special order model, well we immediately contacted him and set the wheels in motion, we had never even seen a teardrop in person, we bought it based on the technical specs and the photos and videos online.

June 27, 2015. Villanueva, NM

The vehicle we wanted to use with it did not even have a hitch, that was a whole other nightmare local facility said they could do it then told us it was too cold out (it was January and snowing) so we contacted our dealer and told him of our dilemma and he said he just happened to be located next door to a commercial trailer manufacturer, he put us in touch with them and we talked them into working on a Saturday to install our hitch, well back to the trailer, the weather was bad for several weeks to attempt the drive to Colorado, and we were chomping at the bit to pick up our new trailer. Finally a break in the weather and we made the trek north, got to the dealer and took the car immediately next door to have the hitch installed, while we waited we got to FINALLY see our new toy, it was the cutest thing ever, even our dog jumped right in and laid down. We used the time to finish the paperwork for the purchase and the hitch was ready in a couple of hours we got hooked up took several pictures of this momentous occasion and we were on our way. We also took several pictures on the way home.

We fit in the overflow parking lot!
Early Iron Car Show – 2014
The day we got our 6×10 Silver Shadow.

Well we have gone a several camping trips since that day and have loved every minute of it, we also added a hitch to our classic Chevy and have taken the Silver Shadow with us to our favorite car show in Colorado, it was a BIG hit at the show, more people looked at the trailer than our car, I bet we sold a lot of little guys during those 3 car shows. Having the Silver Shadow has given us the freedom to just grab some clothes, some food and go, some days we even just take it out for day trips and picnic beside river etc., and it stores neatly within our garage. We love our little trailer it is a blast to own.

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