Photography Excursions in a Rough Rider

Due to working and animals, I never got to travel much, but upon retirement, while up the coast, I saw a teardrop trailer that looked like a nice special build, and thought it would be excellent for my photo excursions. So, I quickly went in search of little trailers on the internet. I had never heard of Little Guy, but Oregon has two dealers, so I was off to investigate.

The Rough Rider took my eye because I live in the woods and often go to back country, woodsy places to photograph wildlife and whatever else. It’s a great way for me to have a safe place to stay and photograph, which I wouldn’t have done without the trailer. Motels are just no fun, and dragging all my equipment and belongings into a motel room at night is tiresome.

The pups ready for anything in coast range of Oregon.

When I was a kid, the folks let me build a little campground over across the creek, and I spent most of the summers there, so I was used to camping, but didn’t use a tent. When Dad told me a bear was coming down to eat on a dead deer on a log jam, I was worried just a little, but had the German shepherd with me, whom I tied up at night so he wouldn’t go back to the house. At 4-H camp, I was picked best camper in the shelter at the age of nine, so it was always a fun thing for me; I just never thought of using a trailer.

My boy watching closely, the grilling of kabobs–he got the meat. Collier State Park Campground, Chiloquin, Oregon, also near Crater Lake National Park

So, I’m now seeing and photographing my home state, finally, and beginning to see some neighboring states–usually with one of my Norwegian elkhounds. I’m certainly making plans to do much more exploring. And the trailer keeps me pretty much out of the way of the cougars and bears, and certain humans.

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